Our Services

Rock sampling & Mapping:
Reconnaissance survey and the collection of reliable (eliminate contaminate) samples from mineral prospect.

Petrographic analysis:
Prepare Thin & Polish sections for geological and man made materials.
Petrographic Analysis using both cross-polarized and Polarized light Microscopy (PLM).
PLM report with detailed Mineralogy, Rock type, Microstructures, Texture, Alteration, Photo Micrographs

Process and analysis of sediment & core samples for Clay mineralogy.
process cutting samples for lithology, grain size and permeability.
Fracture Core Description
Facies Interpretation & depositional setting modeling.

Analysis of geological samples and assay sections.
Creation of 2D and 3D geological and mineralization models.
Statistical and geostatistical analyses.

Proper handling and preparation of sample.
Species identification, counting and bio stratigraphic zonation.
Classification, well correlation for cyclic and sequence stratigraphy.

Remote sensing & GIS:
Digitization and preparation of map with different layouts.
Incorporate field data into GIS maps.

Ground water surveys:
Conduct geophysical surveys and identify ground water drilling targets.